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What’s the Relationship Between Alcohol and Gum Disease?

August 13, 2020

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Plenty of people enjoy meeting up with their friends for a couple of alcoholic beverages after a long week of working hard. Having a little bit too much once in a while doesn’t usually have lasting damages, especially if you are healthy otherwise. However, if you drink heavily on a regular basis, you are putting yourself at risk for a wide variety of different issues in different areas of the body. This includes cirrhosis of the liver, heart disease, mental health issues, and anemia. As for your smile, there is a link between heavy alcohol consumption and periodontal disease. Continue reading to learn more from your dentist about how alcohol can increase your risk of developing gum disease in State College.


5 Toothache Remedies You Can Find in Your Kitchen Pantry

April 27, 2020

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Because we’re in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, the last place you want to be right now is a crowded grocery store full of people who don’t follow social distancing guidelines. However, when you have a serious toothache, you might want to go to the store or pharmacy to buy some pain relievers. While the first thing you should do is call your dentist in State College to get the bottom of your pain, here are a few home remedies you can use in the meantime using items from your kitchen pantry.


Are These 5 Myths About Dental Implants in State College True?

May 10, 2019

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Are you missing any of your teeth? If so, then chances are you’ve endured some of the common inconveniences like difficulty with eating certain foods, lost confidence and the inability to speak normally. Dental implants in State College are considered to be the most reliable form of replacement, but there are 5 myths that suggest it’s not the best route to take. Read on to find out if they’re true!


Benefits of Single Dental Implants in State College

April 29, 2019

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Learn about the benefits of getting a dental implant in State College over other treatments.

One of the great things about dental implants in State College is the way they can be tailored to meet a patient’s specific needs. A great example of what we’re talking about is a single tooth implant, sometimes called a “tooth by tooth implant.” This approach uses a separate lightweight titanium fixture for each tooth to be restored. This avoids the limitations posed by traditional forms of restoration such as dentures and adhesive bridgework. Let’s see how dental implants work.


Why a Dental Crown in State College May Be the Answer You Need

March 31, 2019

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One of the greatest things about modern dentistry is the range of options it offers for restoring damaged teeth. On one end of the spectrum is a simple filling, which is typically used to treat cavities in the early stages of formation. On the other end of the spectrum are dental implants, which are used to restore teeth that are missing altogether. You can think of a dental crown in State College as an in-between approach. It’s a good option for a tooth that has suffered some damage but is basically sound.


3 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Porcelain Dental Crown in State College

February 15, 2019

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Everyone likes new technology, right? Who doesn’t want the latest gadget or phone? But in some cases, older, more traditional ways of doing something can be better. For example, the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) crown uses newer, more advanced technology to deliver a new crown within hours. However, in some cases, the traditional porcelain crowns have a few advantages over their younger counterpart. Check out why you may want to consider getting a traditional porcelain dental crown in State College.


Dental Implants in State College Can Stop Bone Loss

January 14, 2019

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digital image of dental implantYour teeth can last for a lifetime over the years. Now, new advancements in dentistry make it possible to ensure they last. Despite these innovations, tooth loss remains a prevalent problem. In fact, 120 million adults are missing at least one tooth. If you have lost one, you may not feel it is a top priority to have it replaced; however, if you do not, you will lose density in your jawbone. You can protect your oral health and complete your smile using the only solution to stop bone loss. You can make an investment with dental implants in State College.


3 Ways to Care for Dental Implants in State College

January 10, 2019

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Imagine you are at the stadium watching the Nittany Lions march toward victory – when suddenly, you see yourself on the big screen during a break in the action! Smile and wave! If you recently got dental implants in State College to fill in gaps in your teeth, you will likely feel comfortable showing off your new and improved smile. Your next task after successful dental implant treatment is to keep your new teeth healthy. Look no further: here are 3 important tips for caring for dental implants in State College.


The Advantages of Receiving Dental Implants in State College

November 22, 2018

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Any period of time without a full set of teeth is too long. That’s because losing them can cause several interruptions in your normal way of life. It’s not uncommon to have issues with eating certain foods, speaking properly and maintaining your self-esteem. With dental implants in State College, though, you’re able to regain the quality of life you’ve been missing. Read on to learn why this form of tooth replacement is the best available.


A State College Dentist Discusses Dental Implant Surgery

October 7, 2018

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man smiling in mirrorIf you are missing teeth, then the most obvious problem is starring back at you every time you look in a mirror: that gap in your smile. But, there are other factors to consider beyond the way you look that make replacing missing teeth essential. Dental implants are an excellent choice for tooth replacement, because they restore your complete smile, and they help you avoid several oral and general health concerns. Would you like to learn if dental implants are right for you? Then schedule a consultation with a State College dentist. In the meantime, read on to learn more about dental implants and the implant surgery.


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