3 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Porcelain Dental Crown in State College

February 15, 2019

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Everyone likes new technology, right? Who doesn’t want the latest gadget or phone? But in some cases, older, more traditional ways of doing something can be better. For example, the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) crown uses newer, more advanced technology to deliver a new crown within hours. However, in some cases, the traditional porcelain crowns have a few advantages over their younger counterpart. Check out why you may want to consider getting a traditional porcelain dental crown in State College.

Attention to Detail

Traditional crowns are painstakingly crafted in a dental lab and can provide more nuanced detail. This personalized detail helps the dental crown to pass off as your natural tooth to most observers. Although you have to wait two or three weeks for your crown to be produced with a dental lab, it can provide a better color match and natural-looking aesthetic look in your smile.

Front and Center

Although CEREC crowns can be aesthetically pleasing, if you are having a front crown placed, you may want to go with a traditional porcelain crown that is created by a dental lab. You know what they say—you can’t rush art. Because they take additional time on perfecting the final results, they can ensure that your front dental crown is ready to be seen by all.

Guaranteed Quality

Some CEREC crowns can be just as natural-looking as a traditional porcelain crown. However, the quality of a CEREC crown is highly dependent on the skill of your dentist. If you choose a dentist who has had little experience with this technology and technique, you may not end up with the best result. Perhaps it is better to choose a dentist in State College who has a strong relationship with a trusted, experienced dental lab to construct your crown and ensure that you get the results you’re looking for.

In the end, it’s okay to appreciate new technology, but don’t count out the older, tried and true solutions just yet. Although same-day CEREC crowns do have many advantages, traditional porcelain crowns still can provide the best choice in certain situations. You have to consider how much you value quality and personalized treatment versus time that you can save, leading to the right decision for you.  

About the Practice

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