State College Dentist, Dr. Devlin, Accepts New Patients

October 14, 2016

Looking for a dentist in State College? Dr. Chris Devlin accepts new patients. You’ll like his in-depth preventive, restorative and aesthetic care.

You need consistently superior dental care. State College dentist, Dr. Chris Devlin, and his team would love to provide it for you. They are accepting new patients right now. While this experienced dentist in State College provides an amazing array of restorative and cosmetic dental services, his primary emphasis is prevention. It’s the mainstay of a healthy, good-looking smile you can enjoy for a lifetime.


The link between Periodontal disease and Alzheimer’s disease

July 27, 2015

Periodontal disease affects more Americans each year. Some estimates suggest as much as 80% of the population of US adults are afflicted. Most people don’t consider periodontal (gum) disease to be a cause for grave concern because it’s treatable and it isn’t deadly. However, research has indicated that there may be a significant link between periodontal disease and numerous systemic or chronic illnesses. Dr. Chris Devlin and his State College, PA dental team recommend twice annual dental checkups and teeth cleanings to help prevent gum disease and its potential medical complications. If you’re suffering from gum disease or haven’t had a teeth cleaning and exam recently, call to schedule a checkup with us today.

ThinkstockPhotos-177119677Periodontal Disease and Systemic Illness

Periodontal disease generally begins as a mild irritation of gum tissue caused by bacterial growth below the gum line. This is frequently referred to as gingivitis and is easily treated with a thorough teeth cleaning from your dental hygienist. Left untreated or not properly cared for, gingivitis can develop into the more severe periodontitis. This form of gum disease can be quite painful, and is the leading cause of tooth loss in US adults. Periodontitis results when bacteria beneath the gums buildup creating pockets of plaque and tartar that separate the tooth from the gums. Over time, the fibers that connect the tooth to the gums and jawbone breakdown entirely. Indicators of periodontitis include redness or irritation, bleeding gums, loose feeling teeth, severe bad breath, and painful sores along gums. If you have any of these symptoms, call Dr. Devlin to schedule an appointment right away.

Periodontal disease can be unpleasant on its own, but recent studies have shown clear links between periodontitis and cardiovascular disease like strokes and arrhythmia. Additionally, periodontal disease has been linked to blood clots, liver disease, and is believed to adversely affect the insulin production and usage in patients with diabetes.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a cognitive disorder that affects a patient’s short term memory, concentration, and spatial orientation. AD affects an increasing number of US adults each year. Reports indicate the possibility of AD affecting more than 10 million people in the US before 2050. AD is a chronic inflammatory disease. Inflammation and infection in the body causes neurological synapses to work differently, and can lead to AD or other cognitive disorders.ThinkstockPhotos-181156970

Possible Bi-Directional Links

A recent study showed that a high percentage of patients with AD also had periodontal disease when compared to a comparable group of patients who did not suffer from AD. While a direct correlation has not as of yet been established, the findings are significant enough to prompt further research. Results indicate that the connection between AD and periodontal disease may be bi-directional much like the correlation between diabetes and gum disease. Diabetes results when the body is unable to utilize insulin properly, gum disease interferes with the body’s ability to use insulin when sugary plaque deposits enter the blood stream. Thus, as periodontal disease worsens, so do diabetic symptoms

AD and periodontal disease appear to have a similar relationship. Though it’s difficult to create a distinction between whether periodontal disease leads to AD or vice versa, it is easy to observe the cyclical relationship between the two. Patients who suffer from AD loose cognitive function as inflammation increases and causes more damage to brain tissues. When bacteria from the mouth travel to the brain via the blood stream, they can damage brain tissue leading to late-onset or periodic AD, or lead to inflammation which damages brain tissue and worsens AD. Further research has shown that as the body attempts to repair the chronic inflammation from AD, it is unable to repair the inflammation from periodontal disease or vice versa meaning that both worsen over time.

Call Your State College Dentist to Find Out More

Whether periodontal disease can be said to cause Alzheimer’s is still a matter for further discussion, but it is clear that inflammation and infection from periodontal disease makes it more difficult for our bodies to defend against the chronic inflammation caused by AD. A consistent, effective at-home dental care routine and twice annual dental examinations and cleanings are your first steps in preventing periodontal disease and avoiding its adverse effects on your body. Call Dr. Devlin to find out more about periodontal disease or schedule an appointment today. Our State College, PA office welcomes patients from surrounding areas including Centre Hall, Bellefonte, and Altoona.

How to Choose the Right Family Dentist in State College, PA

January 11, 2015

chooserightdentistChoosing the perfect family dentist in State College, PA may seem like a daunting task. After all, it can be difficult to narrow down your list when you aren’t sure which dentist offers the services you and your children need. At the office of Chris J. Devlin, we understand that you have a multitude of choices when it comes to family dentistry in 16801 and the surrounding areas. That’s why we’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with a clear and concise description of precisely what we offer. Our goal is to make the process of choosing the right dentist for your family as easy and as convenient as possible.

A Family Dentist State College Patients Trust

For more than 25 years, Dr. Devlin has served as the premier dental provider for families in State College and its nearby communities. Families return to us year after year for a number of reasons, chief of which are our genuine commitment to exceptional service and our friendly, welcoming atmosphere. You should never feel as if you are rushed in and out of a dental office; our entire purpose is to treat you well from the moment you walk through our doors. From routine cleanings and cosmetic dentistry solutions to in-depth restorative care and full-mouth reconstruction, you’ll find everything the members of your family need to enjoy healthy, happy smiles for life. Our general family dentistry services include:

  • Comprehensive exams, including digital x-rays
  • Invigorating cleanings from our friendly hygienists
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Periodontal therapy
  • Nightguards for bruxism
  • TMJ disorder treatment
  • Customized oral appliances for sleep apnea
  • Children’s dentistry
  • Sedation dentistry

As your State College family dentist, Dr. Devlin offers everything you and your loved ones need to achieve and maintain beautiful smiles and optimal oral health now and in the years to come.

Reserve Your Family Dentistry Appointment Today

Whether you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile with cosmetic dentistry solutions or you simply need a trusted dentist to provide routine checkups and cleanings, we are always here to help. Contact us today to schedule your next visit, and experience for yourself the amazing difference our dedication and cutting-edge technology can make in your smile. Our state-of-the-art dental practice in State College, PA is privileged to serve the complete dental needs of families from throughout the surrounding areas, including Altoona, Bellefonte, Centre Hall, and beyond.

State College Dentist Tips: Healthier Halloween Choices

October 11, 2014

87351429Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season every year. While children may be excited, this can be a scary time for parents who have to battle their kids to restrict the loads of sugary treats that pile up in the house this time each year. You should know that there are ways to make this a fun and healthy time of year for the entire family. You can start by making sure your family is up-to-date with their dental check-ups. You can make a pre-holiday appointment with Dr. Devlin today. Dr. Devlin proudly serves patients throughout State College, PA including nearby Altoona, Centre Hall and Bellefonte.

State College Dentist: 5 Healthy Halloween Tips

You can try out the following healthy alternatives to better protect your family’s dental health this year:

  1. Eat Dinner Before Trick Or Treating– If you fill up on a healthy meal you are less likely to go overboard with the sugary treats later.
  2. Relax the Restrictions Sometimes– It’s ok to allow some treats now and then so that children don’t get the impression that sugary treats are precious, which might make them want them even more.
  3. Limit Leftovers– If you still have a lot of leftover candy after Halloween, portion out one or two treats at a time and always in combination with a healthy snack or meal. Try donating the rest of the candy to a local charity.
  4. Try Non Food Treats– Don’t be afraid to branch out and stick up on the non-food treats that children love like low stick necklaces, spider rings, stickers, decorative pencils, stamps, notepads, erasers, balloons, play tattoos or game cards.
  5. Get Creative– There are many sweet and savory snacks that taste great but are also nutritious like popcorn trail mix and fruits like kiwis, apple slices, mango slices, cherries and blueberries.

State College Dentist Holiday Appointments

Remember that healthy teeth and gums require not only good oral hygiene habits and regular dental check-ups but also choosing healthy and nutritious snacks over the sugar filled foods that can lead to cavities and gum disease. Make this holiday season healthier than any before by making an appointment to see Dr. Devlin today. Dr. Devlin proudly serves families throughout State College, PA including nearby Altoona, Centre Hall and Bellefonte.

The Importance of Periodontal Therapy: What You Need to Know About Gum Disease

June 9, 2014

shutterstock_84577195When most people think of gum disease, the first thing that typically comes to mind is redness along the gum line and bleeding when the teeth are brushed or flossed. While these are two very common symptoms of periodontal disease, there are even more serious complications associated with this condition. At Chris J. Devlin, DMD, PC in State College, PA, Dr. Devlin and his team offer a comprehensive array of general and preventive dentistry services to keep our patients wholly healthy, including laser periodontal therapy.

Gum Disease and the Mouth-Body Link

When an individual suffers from gum disease, the bacteria that thrive within the oral cavity can spread throughout the rest of the body, wreaking havoc on other tissues and organs over time. Though there may not be any symptoms of a larger infection at first, these complications can be incredibly serious. Research has proven the existence of a link between untreated gum disease and systemic health problems, including:

  • Respiratory illnesses, including an increased risk for pulmonary hypertension
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Complications in diabetic patients
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Dementia in older age
  • Low birth weight in babies born to mothers with gum disease

Fortunately, treating gum disease in its earliest stages may help to reduce your risk of developing these and other conditions. Dr. Devlin offers laser periodontal therapy to combat gum disease in its varying stages. Because a laser actually helps to stimulate healing as it treats infected gum tissue, recovery time is shortened considerably. Patients report feeling more comfortable during their healing period, and they are able to return to a normal diet more quickly than is the case with traditional scalpel and suture gum disease surgery.

Healthy Smile, Healthy You

If you suspect that you or a loved one is suffering from gum disease, contact our office in State College, PA. We also serve patients from throughout the surrounding areas, including Altoona, Bellefonte, Centre Hall, and beyond. We look forward to helping you achieve your healthiest, most beautiful smile yet.


Preventive Dentistry in State College, PA

September 12, 2013

DSC_0020State College Dentist Dr. Devlin

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” said Benjamin Franklin. Or was it Mark Twain? Maybe it was Lincoln? Whoever it was doesn’t matter, its true.

“I don’t go to the dentist because I don’t have dental insurance”. Would somebody explain the logic here? Does your car insurance pay for oil changes and routine maintenance? No, but I’ll bet you take care of your car anyway. Why? Because if you don’t do the routine maintenance you will pay “in spades” for major repairs later.

I know, going to the dentist involves you sitting in the chair and letting someone use sharp instruments in your mouth. Please consider; why would you give higher priority to something that will be rust in a decade or two? You only get one set of permanent teeth to last your lifetime.

My advice to those of you who are avoiding a dentist due to money being tight or not having insurance. Find a dentist you trust and go there even when the economy is bad because you are preventing major problems that will be much more expensive and much more painful later. Take care of the most important thing you own; your health.

In the 70s I remember the “Fram oil filter man” who would say, “pay me now, or pay me later” on a TV commercial stressing frequent oil changes to avoid costly repairs. Dental problems are preventable and it is my hope, as a dentist, you will choose wisely.
Come and visit us in our State College office. Or, you may contact us directly at (814) 238-3553. Come and see the Devlin difference, you will be glad that you did!

Quality Dental Care with Long-Term Success in Mind

July 30, 2012

For Dr. Chris J. Devlin, providing great dental care is about more than just solving an immediate problem; it’s also about creating a strong, healthy smile that will last for the long-term. That spirit was reflected in our last blog post, where we mentioned our commitment to providing soothing IV sedation, just as it’s also reflected on our website.

One way we’ve committed ourselves to long-term care is through services like dental implants. With dental implants, Dr. Devlin can help his State College patients replace missing teeth with new, custom-made teeth and prosthetic roots. As a result, the jaw is preserved and bone loss is prevented. That means that when we restore a patient’s smile with dental implants, we’re working with the future in mind.

What we’re really talking about here, though, is a philosophy more than a specific treatment. When you come to Dr. Devlin’s State College dental office, you’ll encounter a team that cares about doing great work to help you prepare for you future.

Are you ready to find out how Dr. Devlin can help your smile? Feel free to explore our website to find out about all the great services we offer. We also invite you to call our State College dental office to schedule a consultation appointment. We gladly serve patients from Bellefonte, Centre Hall, Altoona, and surrounding areas.

Comprehensive Care for Patients from State College and Beyond

June 20, 2012

At Dr. Chris J. Devlin’s State College dental office, you’ll find a skilled team dedicated to delivering to comprehensive care.

What do we mean by comprehensive care?

We mean, first of all, that we offer a wide range of services to help you maintain and improve your oral health. These services range from general and preventive dentistry to cosmetic and even restorative dentistry.

But offering comprehensive care goes well beyond just offering a wide selection of services. Comprehensive care defines our entire attitude towards dentistry. Our concern is giving you a smile that lasts for a lifetime. We do that by encouraging regular exams and cleanings, by educating you about your own oral health, and by teaching how to have a more effective homecare routine.

Another way we do that is through services like full-mouth reconstruction and dental implants. Major procedures like these aren’t quick-fixes. They’re designed to restore your smile’s functionality and appearance for the long-term, not to mention your overall health and wellbeing.

Want to Know More about Our Office’s Comprehensive Care?

If you’d like to know more about what sets us apart, call our State College dental office today to schedule a visit, or you can also explore our website. Dr. Devlin serves patients from State College, Bellefonte, Central Hall, Altoona, and surrounding areas.