For a Sedation Dentist, State College Turns to Dr. Devlin

March 14, 2016

sedation dentistSome people are afraid of Dr. Devlin. Yes, he was a linebacker at Penn State University and then played four seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals—but that’s not it. Some people are simply afraid of visiting the dentist, so Dr. Devlin understands when people don’t want to come see him. However, he also knows that these are the same people who really do need to see a dentist, because their oral health has probably been neglected for too long. If you count yourself among people who have dental anxiety, then schedule a visit with Dr. Devlin, the sedation dentist State College residents rely on for comforting and compassionate care.


Relaxing IV Sedation from Dr. Chris J. Devlin

June 29, 2012


Do you avoid essential trips to the dentist because of anxiety? At Dr. Chris J. Devlin’s State College dental office, we have an effective solution that’s helping patients overcome feelings of fear to enjoy a soothing visit. It’s called IV sedation.

Though mostly used for oral surgery or time-consuming procedures, IV sedation can be paired with just about any of our services to help patients with moderate to severe dental anxiety. As a result, patients who have put off regular care or an important procedure can look forward to receiving the help they need without any fear.

But IV sedation isn’t just a great option for patients with dental anxiety—other patients can benefit too. Maybe you’ve avoided the dentist because of a sensitive gag reflex, or because a neuromuscular condition like TMJ disorder makes it difficult for you to hold your mouth open for long periods of time. In both cases, IV sedation can help.

During your appointment, you can look forward to resting calmly as Dr. Devlin and our team help you improve your smile. What’s more, when your appointment is over, your only memory will be of the deep sense of relaxation you felt while in our office.

Don’t put off essential care any longer. To find out more about how IV sedation from Dr. Devlin can help you, visit our IV sedation page. We also invite you to give our State College dental office a call with your questions or to schedule a visit with us. Dr. Devlin happily serves patients from State College, Bellefonte, Centre Hall, Altoona, and beyond.



Dr. Devlin Puts State College at Ease with Sedation Dentistry

August 17, 2011

Lions and tigers and dentists! Oh… my? As unlikely as it may seem, a deep-seated fear of the dentist is actually quite common. The worst part is, it prevents many from visiting the dentist… until an emergency arises. And if you avoid the dentist, you can be sure emergencies will arise.

But never fear! Sedation dentistry is here! Dr. Devlin encourages fearful or anxious patients to learn more about how sedation can change the way they look at dental treatment. (more…)