How Dentists Prepare Teeth for Dental Crowns

August 7, 2023

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Whether you’re a royal or a tooth, dental crowns play a vital role in maintaining your smile’s health. These tooth-shaped restorations are designed to conceal misshapen or significantly damaged teeth and are commonly crafted from materials like porcelain, metal, or ceramics. Typically, the procedure involves two appointments, spaced about two weeks apart, each lasting a few hours. If you have an upcoming dental crown appointment, here’s a glimpse of what to expect throughout the process.

Tooth Preparation

The process begins with a thorough dental evaluation, during which the dentist examines the tooth slated for the crown and its surrounding area. X-rays may be taken to assess the tooth’s root and adjacent bone structure. Next, the dentist administers a local anesthetic to the gum tissue. Some also offer conscious sedation to keep the patient awake but relaxed and drowsy during the procedure.

In the next step, the dentist prepares the tooth, ensuring a pain-free experience with anesthesia. They begin by gently removing any decayed or damaged portions of the tooth, eliminating potential cavities that could harbor harmful bacteria.

To prevent infection, the dentist fills these voids with gutta-percha, a completely safe dental material. Then, they meticulously smooth the tooth’s surface, eliminating any sharp edges.

The Crown Goes On

During this phase, a temporary crown is placed to safeguard the tooth while the custom-made permanent one is fabricated, typically requiring approximately two weeks. In the subsequent appointment, the permanent crown is firmly attached using specialized cement selected according to the crown’s material and placement. The dentist ensures a precise fit by evenly applying this cement and meticulously eliminating any surplus.

Post-procedure, you may experience some manageable discomfort, typically relieved with over-the-counter pain relievers. If this discomfort lingers for more than two weeks, it’s advisable to inform your dentist. Those with dental crowns should steer clear of hard or sticky foods that might damage the tooth or disrupt the newly placed restoration.

Dental procedures can provoke anxiety in many people. However, understanding the dental crown process can alleviate worries, enhancing your comfort during the appointment and ultimately reducing stress-related concerns to ensure that you have a successful procedure!

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