What Happens When You Receive Dental Crowns in State College?

September 19, 2018

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white crown of the toothIf you have a tooth that’s undergone a root canal or is damaged from decay, a helpful remedy is to have a crown replacement. It’s one of the unique dental procedures that provides both functional and aesthetic benefits, but how does the process work? Continue reading as your dentist explains the steps for receiving dental crowns in State College so you can be completely restored.

How is the Dental Crown Made?

The dental crown is a porcelain fixture that is custom-designed to fit your specific smile needs. It is usually a two-visit procedure.

Here are the steps that Dr. Devlin will take to complete the crown fabrication and placement:

  • Tooth Preparation – The first step is to shape the existing tooth so once the crown is added, it will naturally fit into your smile line.
  • Bite Impression – Then bite impressions are taken so that a mold can be created to make the new crown.
  • Placing a Temporary Crown – While your permanent crown is fabricated by an in-network lab, you’ll be fitted with a temporary crown to protect your tooth from debris and bacteria.
  • Final Placement – Once your new crown has returned, you’ll be invited back to your dentist’s office to have it permanently placed.

You’ll leave fully restored, but will your new restoration look natural?

The Aesthetics of Your Crown Replacement

The reason that your new crown looks like your other teeth is that your dentist in State College takes the time to match the color of the porcelain application with the current color of your teeth. This ensures that when you smile, nobody will be able to tell that you’ve had dental work done.

While your new crown is less susceptible to discoloration, your natural teeth are more vulnerable. That means they are subject to change over time due to the enamel wearing thin and the yellow dentin being exposed.

A Recommendation for Patients

Dr. Devlin recommends that you consider teeth whitening before having the dental crown procedure done to prevent any smile inconsistencies. It’s important to be done in this order because having teeth whitened after having a dental crown placed can leave the new application with a matte finish that detracts from the aesthetics of your smile.

When you take the proper steps, conducted in the right order, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful and functional new smile. The process is simple, but getting started is even easier. Just reach out to your local dentist to schedule a consultation, and you’ll soon be on the road to smile perfection!

About the Author

Dr. Chris J. Devlin earned his dental degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and has since gone on to contribute nearly three decades of expert knowledge and care to the State College area. He takes pride in being tedious and methodical in every procedure he performs, including the placement of dental crowns. To have your smile restored, you can reach out to Dr. Devlin through his website.

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