Dental Implants in State College Anchor Lifelike Dentures

September 8, 2016

Good support, natural chewing, and youthful looks are benefits of dentures held by dental implants in State College. Learn details from Dr. Chris Devlin.

Worried about dentures that slip unexpectedly? Tired of gooey denture adhesives and sore spots in your mouth? Concerned about bone loss in your jaw? Traditional dentures work in some cases, but not others. So,

Dr. Chris Devlin offers dental implants in Stage College which securely anchor full or partial dentures. The resulting smile is lifelike, stable and so comfortable.

The Innovative Tooth Replacement

Your State College Dentist, Dr. Chris Devlin, always looks for the most precise and natural-looking ways to replace missing teeth. Being associated with the well-respected Dawson Academy, Pankey Institute and the Society of Dental Anesthesiology, he keeps his skills up to date. He is thrilled to present patients with state of the art dental implants for single tooth replacement or implant-supported dentures and bridgework for extensive restoration needs.

Dental implants have been around for decades. What makes them appealing is their full integration into the jaw bone for unparalleled support and preservation of the existing jaw bone and gum tissue. After in-office surgical placement of a titanium implant screw, the implant device melds with the bone through osseointegration. As weeks of healing time progress, the implant completely integrates into place, enabling the dentist to place an above the gum post and porcelain crown.

Implants may be inserted singly or in multiples to anchor bridgework which keeps surrounding teeth in alignment but does not impact the integrity of tooth enamel. Additionally, Dr. Devlin can place a series of dental implants to keep a full arch of dentures in place. These implant-supported dentures come in two basic types:

  • Ball-retained in which several spherical implants snap onto fixed or removable dentures
  • Bar-retained in which a couple of implants secure a metal bar unto which the patient snaps a prosthetic

Who Can Receive These Dentures

Dr. Devlin  performs a restorative dentistry consultation with an oral examination, digital X-rays and possible CT scan to note the facial structure, location of nerves and bone density. Good candidates for State College dental implants have sufficiently strong bone, healthy gums, and good overall health. Even diabetics can get dental implants if their condition is well-controlled. While smokers can receive implants, they are encouraged to start a smoking cessation program with their primary care physicians.

Finally, good implant candidates practice daily oral hygiene and get six-month check-ups and professional cleanings at Devlin Dental. Dental implants require some special cleaning tools which preserve the surface integrity of the device. Your hygienist uses these tools to gently clean around implants to eliminate toxic plaque and tartar and avoid peri-implantitis, an inflammatory and infectious condition which threatens implant integrity.

A Bright, Functional Smile

You could have one again with dental implants or implant-supported dentures. Dr. Chris Devlin and his team are happy to meet with you to discuss your modern tooth replacement options. Contact Devlin Dental for your personal restorative dentistry consultation.

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