Tips for Keeping Your Dentures White and Bright

January 29, 2022

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Dentures soaking.

Dentures are revolutionary in the dental world; not only do they replace your missing, damaged, or imperfect teeth, but they give your smile an incredible overhaul that looks good and has you feeling great. But just like your natural teeth, they need proper cleaning and care; dentures are very susceptible to staining and discoloration as time passes. If you want your dentures to stay beautiful, here are a few things you can do, as well as some things you should avoid.

Main Methods for Whitening Your Dentures

There are typically two main approaches used to whiten dentures: in-office whitening, which is conducted by your dentist, and at-home whitening which you can do yourself.

During an in-office cleaning, your dentist will polish your dentures and remove any surface stains in a mere matter of minutes, making them appear brand-new. These professional cleanings are so effective that they’re only needed twice per year. They are also the best way to ensure that your dentures are receiving the care and upkeep they require.

If you’re planning to clean your dentures at home, you need to pay close attention to what product you use and how you use it. Research shows that a quick overnight soak in non-abrasive dental cleaner will help to loosen and remove stains from your dentures. Low-abrasive clear hand soap can also be used; pair it with a soft-bristle toothbrush and brush gently.

How To Prevent Future Staining

In addition to selecting an appropriate whitening method, you need to provide consistent care and upkeep for your dentures if you want them to continue to serve their purpose:

  • Rinse your dentures often in warm (not hot) water or a cleaning solution when you’re not using them.
  • Handle your dentures with delicate care when they aren’t inside of your mouth.
  • Have your dentist regularly check and clean them every six months.

How NOT To Whiten Your Dentures

There are a few things you should completely avoid when it comes to caring for your dentures. Certain products or cleaning methods can damage them, including:

  • Abrasive cleaning products – This includes toothbrushes with stiff bristles, in addition to harsh toothpastes and cleaners. These products can scratch your dentures and compromise their shine.
  • At-home teeth whitening solutions – These products are meant for your teeth, not your dentures, and they often contain bleach or similar chemicals that can compromise them.
  • Hot water – You should avoid leaving your dentures in hot water, as they can become warped and permanently disfigured.
  • Other household solutions – Glass cleaners, baking soda, chlorine solutions, lemon juice, and other mixtures can damage or discolor your dentures, in addition to making you ill.

Dentures are one of the many available solutions that people turn towards to enhance their smiles—and once you have them, it’s relatively easy to keep them white and bright.

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