Oral Conscious Sedation Can Help You Get Through Any Dental Procedure

August 10, 2015

Oral conscious sedation can help you get through a dental procedure.When it comes receiving dental treatment, most patients are too afraid to even come through the door. Why is that? It could be for several reasons: something that happened during their childhood, a recent experience at a dental office, or any other unfortunate accident that occurred. No matter how you slice it, dental phobia is a real ailment for some patients, and one that requires attention. Dental phobia has such influence over a person that they may choose to forgo any treatment. This is a very bad idea. Your overall well-being counts on other parts of your body to operate at maximum efficiency, including your mouth. We want you to know that you have options when it comes to receiving comfortable treatment. Sedation dentistry offers a solution for those that are anxious or too afraid to receive dental treatment. At our office in State College, PA, Dr.Devlin administers the best sedation dentistry tactics in the area. It’s time you stopped suffering from dental phobia and start taking care of your oral health without fear.

Oral Conscious Sedation 101

When you have a phobia, we have the cure. Oral conscious sedation is defined as the use of oral medication along with nitrous oxide to achieve a comfortable and appropriate level or relaxation for the patient. If you’re looking for a process that is simple, this is the one you’ll want to choose. We understand that the sounds and smells of a dental office can start to freak anyone out, which is why oral sedation is such a great choice.

Basically, you’ll take this specialized medication a couple hours before you arrive for your dental appointment. Please don’t drive alone — the effects will start to kick in before you arrive and we want you to get here safely. Bring a family member or friend along so they can get you there and back in one piece. You’ll stay comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. You should start to see the effects from the sedation wear off the next day. Some procedures are capable of taking hours to complete, but with oral conscious sedation it will feel like minutes compared to hours.

We’re not here to shame anyone for being too afraid to come in for a dental appointment. These things happen. What we’re worried about is getting you into the office and restoring your oral health with no fear. Trust Dr. Devlin and his dental A-team to deliver fantastic results.

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