6 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Metal Crown

October 28, 2020

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Do you still have metal crowns? Even though these highly durable restorations worked great at the time that you got them, dentistry has come a long way since then. Now there are other options that are most aesthetically appealing and even healthier. Porcelain has become the preferred material choice of many different patients around the world. Continue reading to learn some of the reasons why you may want to consider replacing a metal crown for a metal-free one.

Porcelain Crowns Make You Look Younger

As soon as people see a metal filling in your mouth, they can tell that you are a little bit older. This is simply because metal crowns are an older technology and you generally don’t need them till you reach a certain age. By switching to a porcelain crown, you are likely to appear younger. Even for patients who have a porcelain fused to metal crown, the metal may still be visible and add some years to your look.

Metal Crowns Are Unhealthy

Humans aren’t meant to have metal constantly in the mouth. This is especially the case for the mixture of different metals used to make crowns. They include materials like mercury and nickel, which can have some serious effects to your body. Mercury is well known for being toxic and nickel can make your gums to turn green and even cause a serious allergic reaction. In general, it is best to keep these materials away from your mouth.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

People who have metal crowns are more likely to experience sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages. This is because metal is a great conductor of teeth, so when a more extreme temperature makes contact with it, you can feel it on your tooth. If you’ve been having trouble with sensitivity, your metal crown could be the main culprit.

MRI Interference

Often times, MRIs are used in medical treatments so doctors can have a better look at your anatomy. However, metal crowns can interfere with them because certain materials, like nickel and gold, respond when placed in a magnetic field. This can cause pictures to be distorted and they can even fly off your teeth when they are drawn to or repulsed by the magnet. In general, crowns and MRIs aren’t a great combination.

High Decay Risk

Even though crowns are meant to protect your teeth, sometimes they just cover up and conceal damage which makes them have a higher risk of decay. It’s a good idea to have your metal crown removed before this issue becomes irreversible.

Corrosion of Dental Implants

Titanium, the metal used for dental implants, is not affected by magnetic fields, but it is able to help generate an electric current in your mouth. This happens when two unlike metal come together in a liquid with ions dissolved in it, like saliva. This can lead to the weakening of one of the metals. Normally, titanium would not become weakened, but since gold is nobler, it could cause your implants to rust.

Although metal crowns have their benefits, porcelain has become a more modern and ideal option. Not only do they look better but they are also much healthier. Having them switched out will provide you with numerous benefits in the future.

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