Sedation Dentist in State College

October 24, 2013

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Sedation Dentist in State College Dr. Devlin Eases Anxiety and Pain

“Life is pain, and anyone who says different, is selling something”.

That’s a quote from Wesley, a main character in the movie “The Princess Bride”. We have allget-attachment.aspx experienced pain in one form or another. It is a fact of living. To totally remove yourself from any risk of pain you must also remove yourself from any chance of joy and other positive experiences. In addition to the obvious negative of physical discomfort pain can also cause an emotional response of fear, that little word that conjures up all types of negative emotion. Increased heart rate, sweat, and a myriad of neurological effects all from that little word. Some fears are helpful. But fear can also be destructive and illogical. I’ve heard it said that the opposite of love is not hate but fear. When we fear something too much we give it power to hurt us. It paralyzes our positive emotions. Love, faith, peace, joy, all the fruits of the Spirit cannot benefit us when fear is predominate in our lives. Fear keeps many from seeking dental care that would enhance their health, comfort and self image. There is a way to get out of self-destructive dental fear. Face it and do the thing you are afraid of and its power over you will be broken.

We are here to help you overcome your fear of seeing a dentist. Sedation Dentistry is
a tool we can use to help you gain the comfort and confidence to smile again.
Using new medicines designed specifically for your safety and comfort, you can have
your teeth restored without pain and without re-living the painful memories of your past
dental experience. Don’t let fear keep you in pain. We can help. Call us and we’ll help get you back on the
path to health and give you the confidence to smile again.

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