Implant-Retained Bridge – State College, PA

Bridging the Gap and Restoring Your Smile

While one missing tooth is inconvenient, two or more missing teeth can make it difficult to eat, chew, or even speak. Not to mention the lack of self-confidence you might have because you’re embarrassed by your smile. Dr. Chris Devlin never wants his patients to feel self-conscious about their appearance, which is why he is pleased to provide an implant-retained bridge in State College to not only repair but also restore your complete smile. Offered greater stability and functionality, this unique restoration provides a more permanent solution that other, more traditional restorative methods. Let Dr. Devlin help you feel great about your smile again. Contact us today!

I’m Missing Two Consecutive Teeth

A middle-aged woman looking at her smile in the mirror after having her implant-retained bridge in State College placed

When two consecutive teeth are missing, we can use a single titanium dental implant and surgically place it into your jawbone. After allowing it to heal and fuse to your bone and surrounding tissues, dental lab technicians can create a customized restoration that fuses two dental crowns together and sits on top of your implant. Not only will this help to keep your jawbone stimulated, but it will also remove unnecessary gaps, effectively restoring your smile.

I’m Missing Three or More Consecutive Teeth

A single dental implant and two fused dental crowns

Instead of relying on one single dental implant, Dr. Devlin can place two titanium posts to create a solid foundation for your implant bridge. Much like a traditional fixed bridge, your custom-made prosthetic will have three or more dental crowns fused together with the two outer crowns sitting on top of the implants. The crowns located in the innermost portion of the prosthetic will sit on top of your gums to fill in the gap.

I’m Missing Multiple Teeth in an Arch

An implant-retained bridge

You may be thinking, “Okay, that’s great you can replace multiple missing teeth but what if they are not consecutive?” Not to worry! Dr. Devlin and his team can still place multiple dental implants in State College along your jawbone while having a partial denture created. It will work similarly to a traditional partial only instead of being held into place with clasps or clips, it will be secured to your implants.

Benefits of an Implant-Retained Bridge

An older woman wearing a white shirt and pointing to her smile that contains an implant-retained bridge

If you’re struggling to understand why it’s better to opt for an implant-retained bridge instead of the traditional bridge restoration, here are a few of the added benefits you’ll receive by choosing the more permanent, stable option. An implant-retained bridge offers:

  • Greater strength and durability
  • Improved functionality when eating, drinking, and chewing
  • No need for altering your natural, healthy teeth
  • A restorative solution that can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance
  • An easy-to-clean alternative that only requires regular dental visits and good oral habits practiced at home
  • A restoration that cannot decay